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Discover a collection of insightful reviews and engaging articles that delve into my creative work and exhibitions I've been a part of.

London Art Roundup

2024 - Issue 94

Roundup - 29 Jan

‘Exploring grief and loss through art’ at Willesden Gallery                      (@Willesden_Gallery) until 23 Feb

Ranging from the expected (empty rooms and tears) to the obscure (abstract collage and a voodoo shrine) this group show covers the wide range of ways in which artists deal with grief and loss. Soundtracked by Rosie Strickland’s (@rosiestrickland__) unnerving sonic ambience and featuring a stunning mirror painting by Susanne Baumann (@baumann3736) and an artist addressing sight loss (Kimberley Burrows — @KimberleyBurrowsart) there are some inspired works that transcend the obvious in a show with something for everyone. A wise approach for a gallery set inside a local high street library.

Exploring grief & loss through art

London Art Roundup 

RCA Graduate Show 2023

Degree Show - 30 Jun

For the second year in a row the RCA student show at the Battersea campus gets my top nod but My God! there’s a lot to see. This year I made a beeline straight for the painting and sculpture floors, but my brief trips through the Design Products and Fashion floors made me think a return trip might be required.

You can go back and read my 2022 review if you’d like to know more about the campus, because this year I just focussed on trying to find the artists whose names I expect to be seeing a lot more of in the future. Read on and let me know if you agree.


23 = Susanne Baumann — @baumann3736

From a technical perspective, this contemporary take on a traditional motif might just be the single best painting in the show. Outstanding skill and the framing is captivating. If you’re going to do a mirror painting, make it count.


London Art Roundup

2023 - Issue 56

Roundup  - 20 Mar


‘20x20 Vision’ at Blue House Yard (@bluehouseyard) until 06 Apr

I’m a big fan of large shows filled with small works. They’re like hunting through jumble sales for a Hermès scarf. You might get lucky, but that’s not really why you go. Curated by Jarelle Andre Francis (@jarelle_andre_francis), this show let the artists do whatever they wanted as long as it fit on a 20x20cm canvas. Naturally, many found ways to creatively break the rule, like Polina Belenchuk (@Belenchuk) who wore the remaining 2/3rds of her triptych about endometriosis on the day she was invigilating the show. With ~80 works at an average price of £150, you’re sure to discover an affordably priced gem for your collection.

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