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I am an interdisciplinary artist who works from painting to drawing and experimenting with used clothes. My work evolves and manifests around ideas of the human body, mental health, and emotions. Most of my adult life is defined by the Alzheimer's disease of my father, which left a deep imprint on my entire being.

My current body of work deals with my personal loss and the process of grieving. This has been a gradual process that has lasted over two decades, much like the disease itself, which creeps in slowly and subtly. In my search for a way to express
my personal experiences visually, I started to include empty clothing and furniture in my paintings.

In a way, clothing serves for me as a shell for the wearer's previous self, much like a conscious mind inhabits the body.
Even without the physical body present, there is still a noticeable imprint, a sense of presence which evaporates from them.

I include furniture pieces in my paintings that remind me of my parents' home, particularly the armchairs and sofas where my father would often sit. Incorporating these elements allows me
to reflect on the feelings of nostalgia and missing something
that is no longer present in the same way as it was in the past.

The spaces that I depict in my artwork are inspired by my current surroundings, my home or my parents’ house. These spaces hold memories and emotions that I convey through my art. Sometimes I capture fleeting moments, while other times, I intentionally create scenes to evoke a specific feeling. I create a subtle feeling of unease or longing by portraying these unoccupied spaces.

By dissecting, deconstructing, and erasing the former shell of a person, I capture the melancholic feeling that I experience while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It's not always easy to show vulnerability, but through my art, I hope to visually convey the inner struggles and conflicts that humans face.

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